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Cary Harvey

Serving the North Dallas Metroplex



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We want to impact the world

Home inspections in Texas are regulated by the Texas ReaI Estate Commission (TREC). We are Licensed Professional Home Inspectors, which is the highest standard recognized by TREC.  


Cary's personal story: I left my previous work as a sales consultant in the real estate coaching arena because I felt like I was working without real, personal purpose. I was really just working for a paycheck and not making the kind of impact I knew I could make and wanted to make. I wanted to have a reason for going to work every morning, a motivating factor well beyond just making money. That's why I started BTM Inspections and why Justin joined me on this mission.


Now, when we perform an inspection, we have the opportunity to provide a valuable service while making financial contributions to important charities that are impacting communities locally and around the world. Ten percent of all our revenue is given to making the world a better place! Best of all, we have charities that are close to our hearts, but if you have a charity that is important to you or your client, we will donate ten percent to them.


The name of our business is BTM Inspections for a reason... we believe that each one of us can develop a “Be The Miracle!” mindset. We believe that we can all make a difference, even if it is in very small increments. Real impact doesn't come from a few large organizations, if masses of people commit to doing a little bit, their own small part, that will have the most lasting & profound impact.




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