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Cary Harvey

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We know what's important! 

One of the biggest impediments to closing a real estate transaction can be the inspection. There is a combination of reasons for this, but most of those issues are due to lack of clear communication. Maybe it is because many inspectors come from a background in the construction industry and approach the inspection from that perspective. Here's what we bring to benefit the real estate agent:


  • Business Background – prior to home inspection, Cary's experience was in commercial lending, real estate investing, and real estate coaching sales. I've bought and sold multiple properties and currently own rental propertiy, so I understand the concerns of home buyers and sellers. I also worked for 6 years with a real estate coaching firm, helping agents improve and grow their real estate businesses, which helps me see things through the eyes of the agent. Our first goal in business is to serve & support the real estate agent.

  • Clear Communication – We will present clear and objective information, in a non-emotional report, about the condition of a home. We do not speak in “contractor-ease” using complex terms or analysis. We will present information that homeowners can understand, evaluate and use to make an informed home buying decision. And we will make sure their questions are answered to the best of our ability. The home inspection report should not be a confusing or "emotional" document.

  • Defer to the Real Estate Professional – We will not advise a home buyer in their “buy or not buy” purchase decision, nor will we tell them what repairs they should require from a seller in the final negotiation. That is the role of their real estate agent. Our role is to give them clear information, and then encourage them to consult with their agent regarding any negotiations.    

  • Extension of the Sale Process – We consider the inspection an extension of the sale process, as if we are a “client service” partner of the agent. If the real estate agent is first rate, and the inspector is marginal, everything the agent worked to achieve is tainted. The “weak link” is what the client will remember and talk about. We are dependable, reliable, consistent, and always do exactly what we tell a client we will do. One of our strengths is the ability to work with anyone, from a “blue collar” type guy buying his first home to a “C-Level” executive, and make them feel very comfortable that we were the right choice. The inspection process will enhance their overall buying experience experience. 

  • Image / Branding – We believe most truly professional real estate agents want to enhance their community and be seen as a pillar and someone making a difference!  The "Be The Miracle" program offers a continuing opportunity for the agent to accomplish all of these goals without spending any time or money. We'll do the inspection and donate the money. We will then email a written confirmation to the client, and copy the agent, every time we donate on their behalf, i.e.  – “Dear Client, Agent & I wanted to confirm that a donation of $$ was made today to ABC Charity on your behalf. Thank you so much for allowing us to help you with your inspection and support such a worthy charitable cause."


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