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Cary Harvey

Serving the North Dallas Metroplex



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We deliver an excellent inspection experience

We provide detailed, attentive home inspections to protect the home buyer in one of the largest and most important financial investments most people make in their lifetime. Many deficiencies may exist even in an attractive and well-kept home. As buyers look at homes to purchase, they are mainly focused on the floor plan and cosmetic details like floor coverings, paint color, type of countertops, and often they have no idea if the core components of the home are working properly and in good condition. The home inspection looks at those core components for them, to be sure they are buying what they think they are buying.  


We strictly adhere to the TREC “Standards of Practice”. We inspect several hundred items in every home, including all of the following systems & components of the home:


  • property and site

  • structure & foundation

  • roof covering and structure

  • gutters and drainage

  • attic

  • walls, ceilings and floors

  • doors and windows

  • stairways

  • fireplace and chimneys

  • porch, deck, and balconies

  • electrical systems

  • representative sampling of lights & receptacle outlets

  • heating and cooling systems

  • sinks and drains

  • showers, tubs and plumbing fixtures

  • water heater

  • built in appliances including dishwasher, disposal, oven & microwave

  • garage overhead door system

  • sprinkler systems


The home inspection is a visual inspection of accessible systems and components (this means we can't inspect something we can't access or see, and we do not take apart equipment to analyze or test it). We report if the component appears to be functioning as intended at the time of the inspection, or if there are any apparent deficiencies. 


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